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Custom Queries

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Instead of using long winded tuple queries like:

fn print_player_status(query: Query<(Health, Ammo, Player)>) {
    // ..

We can create our own custom queries:

use bevy::{
use std::fmt::Debug;

#[derive(Component, Debug)]
struct Health(f32);

#[derive(Component, Debug)]
struct Player;

#[derive(Component, Debug)]
struct Ammo(f32);

struct PlayerQuery {
    entity: Entity,
    health: &'static Health,
    ammo: &'static Ammo,
    player: &'static Player,

fn print_player_status(query: Query<PlayerQuery>) {
    for player in query.iter() {
            "Player {:?} has {:?} health and {:?} ammo",

When we derive from QueryData we get a number of benefits:

  • Reusability across multiple systems.
  • There is no need to destructure a tuple since all fields are named.
  • Subqueries can be composed together to create a more complex query.
  • Methods can be implemented for the query items.
  • There is no hardcoded limit (usually 15 with tuples) on the number of elements.

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